Sunday, June 26, 2005

Commendable Press

Established news disseminators have developed a reputation for painting the culture of death in a positive light, masquerading killers of the innocent as healthcare providers or keeping their crimes out of the news in many instances.

The pro-life community and other diligent media have published accounts of a killer who allegedly cannibalizes his victims and recently lost his clinic closed because of various health violations. The closing itself is good news, but established media sympathetic of or apathetic toward the culture of death offer little or no coverage of these dangerous activities.

Such reporters and commentators covered this article to varying degrees of detail. Some might consider the contents as "too much information" due to the graphic nature of the reports, but these sources deserve credit for their vigilance:


Covenant News
Operation Save America
Christian Communication Network
The Crusader
The Great Separation

Gimmie Back My Bullets
The Pulpit Pounder

Drudge Forum
Pro-Life With Christ


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