Saturday, June 18, 2005

Many Media Blackout Abortion Atrocities

Mark Jurries and others point out how many media outlets are circumventing coverage of the cannibalism of a child killer, whose abortion clinic was recently shut down due to hazardous conditions:
What's just as interesting as the story is the lack of coverage it's getting. I searched CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, and FOX, and didn't find a mention of the story. Why? Either they're too busy yapping about Michael Jackson or they're not interested in covering the story because it would run against their agenda.
It's true that many media outlets (including those above) are silent or sympathetic about the atrocities of the abortion industry. An online friend of mind was monitoring the AP feed via Yahoo since Wednesday and saw no coverage of this investigation. Apparently the only AP coverage neglected to mention the improper storage of cadavers and evidence of cannibalism (see the article if you think you can stomach the details. It's not pretty, but the story needs to be told as people are literally getting away with murder among other vices).

Mr. Jurries reminds us that we do have other means of obtaining critical news:

But that's what makes internet journalism (i.e. WorldNetDaily and the blogosphere) so great - you can find the stories they don't want you to find.

I did notice this story in the blogosphere and other online media. They deserve credit for covering news like this, and I Lord-willing I will credit them in a later blog update.


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