Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More of Alito's Abortion Politics

In legal redux: Alito plays politician, Jonathan asks what exactly is Samuel Alito's view on the Bork nomination. This is a good question as Alito's answers have not made this clear.

John Lofton notes where Senator Arlen Specter agreed with Judge Alito on Griswold v. Connecticut, a case of legislation from the bench. This decision asserted a "right to privacy" and "Gave Us Roe v. Wade."

Hat Tip: Pro-Life Blogs, The American View

In "A 'sick sideshow,' stare decisis revisited", Mr. Calvin responds to the conversation on stare decisis in (and surrounding) the Alito confirmation hearings. Calvin laments, "the baseless attacks of certain senators have gone way too far." I agree.

This post is a participant of Choose Life's Weekend Open Post and Stop the ACLU's Weekend Open Trackbacks. The former blog referred me to the latter.


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