Thursday, January 26, 2006

John's Blog on Alito Hearings

John Lofton, co-host of The American View, offers important insights to the Alito hearings in his blog.

Here are some of them:

To their everlasting shame, supposedly Christian/conservative leaders, pro-life Senators, commentators and publications have failed miserably to tell the truth about Judge Samuel Alito’s pro-abortion voting record as a judge and what he said in his Senate confirmation testimony.
What Alito’s pro-abortion record “indicates” is exactly what Hausknecht says it “hardly” indicates — that he endorses a legal right to abortion!!!
By voting pro-abortion Alito was not following statutes or the Constitution.
"By voting for abortion, Alito has proved he is not for the little guy — at least not for the little guy, or gal, in the womb."
Bowing the knee one more time to stare decisis (precedent), Alito said he did not agree with the “theory” that “the Constitution always trumps stare decisis.”
But, the supremacy of the Constitution is not a “theory.” It is what Alito will take an oath to uphold. It is what Alito will swear to God to obey. Thus, even before he is sworn in as a high court justice, Alito has repudiated his oath!
As a lower court judge he, in effect, voted in favor of infanticide by supporting a ruling striking down a ban on partial-birth abortion. And in his lower court rulings he has, approvingly, invoked Roe v. Wade which has led to the slaughter of more than 40 million innocent, unborn human beings.
Judge Samuel Alito should have been opposed because of the very things Francis Schaeffer mentions. By voting for abortion (including a vote to strike down a ban on partial-birth abortion, which is infanticide), by saying in his hearings that his Christian religion would have nothing to do with his judging, Alito has revealed himself to be a de facto secular humanist who has no Christian worldview.
The latest entry clearly exposes where many prominent professing Christians are denying Alito's record on abortion in their endorsements. Please read this if you want more information with specific examples.

Lofton also poignantly points out some doublespeak from Senator Kennedy as he questioned Judge Alito:

Kennedy badgered him about a case involving the alleged misbehavior of some U.S. arshals who went into a home and, among things, shoved a man’s wife making her sit down in a chair. Years ago, when Robert Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court, Kennedy criticized Bork’s record on women saying he was “wrong on equal rights for women.”

Kennedy is concerned about the mistreatment of women?! Yep, that’s what he wants us to believe. But, his own record on women — for example his first wife Joan — is not really all that good, to put it charitably.


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