Saturday, January 07, 2006

Human Events RE Alito: Jerry Falwell Didn't Do His Homework

Here are some key excerpts from the January 4 article by Robert B. Bluey, Jerry Falwell Didn't Do His Homework:
LOFTON: [...]"Samuel Alito, while a judge, has voted to strike down a ban on partial-birth abortion, he has repeatedly cited approvingly Roe v. Wade, which he didn’t have to do, and in a wrongful-death negligence case involving an 8-and-a-half month stillborn baby, he ruled against the mother, saying the unborn baby was not constitutionally a person. I’d like to ask Dr. Falwell: Upon what is your view based that Samuel Alito is pro-life?”
Click here for the full article with Dr. Falwell's response.

Hat Tip: John Lofton


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