Thursday, October 06, 2005

LifeChain 2005

The Life Chain has become an important event to speak on behalf of innocent lives in danger of death. Pro-lifers literally go to the streets to demonstrate their concern to passersby, often in the form of holding a sign with simple statements such as "Abortion Kills Children." Christians encourage this as a time of prayer for the protection of anyone threatened by abortion.

Covenant News has provided several good synopses of coverage of Life Chain across the country. I am echoing the headlines here:

Abortion Foes Hold Rally In Plantation As Part Of National Event, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Thousands form anti-abortion chain,

Annual Life Chain held in downtown Gainesville,

Thousands join in 'Life Chain' to decry abortion, The Ocala Star-Banner

Midlanders form 'life chain' against abortion,

Abortion foes show views at Life Chain on Sunday, Texarkana Gazette

Anti-Abortion Event Gets Word Out Despite Weather,

'Life Chain' Abortion Protest, Dayton Daily News

Demonstrators Put Abortion Views On Display, The Digital Collegian

For more information about Life Chain, see LifeChain.Net .


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