Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Supreme Court Picks

Questions abound from across the spectrum regarding the nature of John Robert's judicial philosophy. Jim Rudd, Ann Coulter (also see "SOUTER IN ROBERTS CLOTHING"), Don Quixote, and others remind us that Republican assurances of conservative loyalties prove to be unreliable as is the case with nomination of David Souter.

There is no law that limits the Supreme Court size to 9 or 10 Justices. If President Bush is earnest about appointing strict constructionists, he should make some additional nominations to restore constitutional fidelity to the third branch.

While, as Cory Burnell puts it, "the jury is still out on John Roberts," here are some strict constructionists who I recommend. All are fine Constitutional scholars, and many have legal experience at varying levels.

Robert Bork (if he is able, even if he only lasts 3 or 4 years)
Darrell Castle (or his wife, Joan)
David Gibbs
Roy Moore
Michael Peroutka
Stephen Peroutka
Phyllis Schlafly
Kenneth Starr
Herb Titus
Walter Williams
John Whitehead


Blogger Editor said...

Great list,
I would have added Chuck Baldwin.

21/7/05 14:28  
Blogger Eaglet said...

Dr. Baldwin would be fine, too.

21/7/05 20:48  

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