Saturday, July 23, 2005

Conservatives Call for Caution on Court Confirmation

As mentioned earlier, Ann Coulter has noted that the lack of public knowledge about the Roberts nomination parallels the "stealth" candidacy of the Souter nomination. She addresses some of the supporting arguments made for Roberts and warns that history could be repeated if Roberts were confirmed.

Citing Richard A. Serrano from the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Albert Mohler blogs that John Roberts' position on abortion is "unclear". Serrano showed how "Judge Roberts' public positions on abortion and Roe vs. Wade appear to be inconsistent."

In response, Mohler advises, "Keep a close watch on the maneuvering."

Howard Phillips says, "Let’s be judicious in evaluating President Bush’s choice of John G. Roberts, Jr. to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court."

Phillips shares concerns about other fundamental issues beyond the right to life:

Areas of possible concern include his tenure with the liberal establishment law firm Hogan & Hartson and his work with the left-wing Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. A big red flag for me was the fact that he twice referred to the United States government as a “Constitutional democracy”, whereas the Constitution makes clear that we are a “republic” and that a republican form of government is guaranteed to each state.

Author Daniel J. Flynn echoes the concerns of both Phillips and Coulter in several articles on his blog:

It is reasonable to desire a nominee with a paper trail to give us an indication of where he stands on federalism, property rights, judicial activism, civil liberties, and other important questions of judicial philosophy. Sorry Judge Roberts, you may turn out to be a great Supreme Court justice, but I don't know that from your two years as a judge. The time for a stealthy nominee is not when the opposition party holds just 44 Senate seats.

If the robed ghosts of Supreme Court Justices Robert Bork, Clement Haynesworth, and Harold Carswell counsel silence, the reality of John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter calls conservatives to demand more information.

This is a time to pray for wisdom for our President and Senators, as well as all eligible American voters as we consider their replacements.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


Blogger Joe said...

Michael Peroutka did a great show on Roberts. You can listen to it on his website.

30/7/05 03:33  
Blogger Eaglet said...

I am so glad that Peroutka is releasing his programs on mp3 audio programs. The American View is one of the best political talkshows on the air today.

The latest two programs both have excellent coverage of the issues surrounding Judge Roberts' nomination.

These are online at his blog.

1/8/05 20:48  
Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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