Thursday, May 26, 2005

Preserve Our Borders: Say NO to AMNESTY and the FTAA!

Jonathan Grubbs' Blog carries the clarion call for preserving our America's national sovereignty and restoring defensive integrity:

Your influence is urgently needed to give Congress the backbone to resist dangerous proposals that would further undermine our national borders. As a first step, please read and send the following petition to your congressman and two U.S. senators. Then send this message to others in your circle of influence so that they can do likewise.

Click here to Read and Send the Petition


Blogger Darrell said...

Saw you on Lee Shelton's PaleoBlog and stopped by. Looks like we have quite a bit in common. I posted a piece on CAFTA ( which might interest you.

I couldn't find an email address but was wondering if you live in the Louisville area. I've been looking for a church and wondered if you might have some input.

27/5/05 09:29  
Blogger Eaglet said...

Thanks for your reply and the link to your informative article. I agree with it.

Another problem with so-called "Free Trade" legislation such as NAFTA is that they add regulations to that make the title a misnomer.

The trade re-regulation is really an example of Republican liberalism. Bill Clinton gladly embraced it because he agreed with it and because it made him look conservative by agreeing with a perceived conservative organization.

27/5/05 14:02  
Blogger Eaglet said...

Here are some good Louisville churches:

Beechwood Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist

Shawnee Baptist Church

Clifton Baptist Church

27/5/05 14:14  

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